Advantages And Disadvantages Of Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters were invented with the purpose to reduce the quantity and increase the quality of emissions released in the air. With the increase in car sales and the usage of cars, it has become more and more important to ensure that we all still have fresh air to breathe. So, it seems that these devices can only bring advantages, but there are a few downsides that come with their usage as well, such as:

  • Decreased horsepower – the engine uses more energy for the converter and for burning the elements;
  • Reduced gas mileage – again, the catalyst slows down the circulation process of the emissions leading to a higher consumption of fuel;
  • Engine overheating – from the additional need to burn more.

But, still, considering the major side effects of not using such devices, meaning the reduction of oxygen, it is important to have a car with such a device. The cost of this feature amounts to 2% of the total car price. Also, an older study shows that catalytic converters reduce health costs not just for car owners but for all those around.

Saving Money And Upgrading Your Car With The Best Used Auto Parts Denver Dealers Offer

If your car is in urgent needs of repairs and you don’t have the required replacements, then you should be glad to hear that, when it comes to used auto parts, Denver is one of the best places to find the right part at the right price.

Buying used parts for your vehicle can save you a heap of money in the long run. You won’t have to pay extra for the shiny chrome and neither will you fork over two thousand dollars on something such as a car battery when you can pay half of that on one that will work just as well.

You won’t just save money by getting used car parts for your vehicle, but save the environment as well. That part you are buying will get many years of usage instead of ending up in a landfill and moreover car manufacturers won’t have to waste energy by making another new part.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fix your car with some of the best available used auto parts Denver dealers can help you with any part you need and make sure your vehicle will run smoothly for a long time.

What Do Car Dealers Think about the Hybrid Car Battery?

Car dealers say that plenty of customers have started to ask about the car battery nowadays. How much does it last? Should you go for regular or hybrid? How much does a Honda Civic hybrid battery replacement cost?

It is hard to say, and when you are trying to make a sale, you need to give the best references possible. And, thinking about the commission you get when selling a car, you will probably want to sell the most expensive car. In this case a hybrid car is definitely the right choice.

What are the things that a salesman will tell a customer about a hybrid battery to make sure he closes the deal?

Probably that the replacement is rare. This is very reassuring for the customers, especially because the costs are usually high. It could take hundreds of thousands of miles before the battery wears off and the whole battery package requires changing.

Another plus is the fact that the battery usually has a long warranty, for up to a decade. In a worst case scenario, if the battery fails or the performance drops, the warranty will cover the expense of changing or repairing it.


Grand Junction Car Dealers – Becoming One

Every car dealer, be it the Grand Junction Ford one or a multi-brand dealer, must have wondered how to start their business, when they came up with the idea.

First of all, you need to understand that this process requires time and money, more or less, depending on the way you would like to operate: as a used cars dealer or you would like to buy a franchise of an already famous dealer.

When you think you have enough money to start this business, the first thing to do is to save more money. Why? Because you will have to spend some every little step of the way. Next, you will have to get a dealer’s license, depending on the state laws. Most often you need to complete a course and pass an exam.

You need then to make sure that you have all the knowledge needed to run a business and have checked all the important things like having people helping you with the accounting and marketing, in case you cannot do it by yourself.

Then, decide if you want to be the only employee and have a one man show or you plan on hiring people to help. Then choose the type of cars you want to sell, create your business plan, choose your location, get a surety bond and don’t forget to register your business.