Is It Important to Use Sun Shades on Your Car?

windshield in broomfield need sun shadesSun shades, also known as sun screen shades, car shades or UV shields, are great, affordable and simple to use tools that keeps the sun’s rays away from the car cabin, thus keeping temperatures inside more comfortable and protecting sensitive cabin components, such as the complex electronics in the dashboard, the leather upholstery and veneer on the dashboard from harsh light and heat – here are the benefits of using sun shades in more detail.

The Elimination of Heat

Sun shades will not eliminate heat build-up inside the cabin completely, but they will maintain the temperature inside the car very close to comfortable levels even if the car has been left in direct sunshine for hours. Your sun shades will prevent the steering wheel, the gear shift lever and the surface of the seats from heating up, too, thus preventing skin irritation, burns and discomfort.

Protection for Electronic Equipment

Modern cars come with lots of advanced electronic components, including the infotainment system, driver assistance systems and various gauges and displays, all very sensitive to overheating. A sunshade placed on the front windshield will efficiently protect these important components by keeping cabin temperatures within acceptable range.

Protection for Seats, Veneers and Design Components

Car interiors are not all about functionality – their design serves aesthetic purposes as well. The upholstery on the seats, the inserts and the veneer on the inside of the doors are all meant to create an attractive space. However, the color of these components might fade or their surface might crack or warp when they are exposed to the harsh sunshine coming through the windshields and windows – problems that can be easily prevented with sunshades.

Protection in Cold Weather as well

Windshield sun shades are useful not only when it comes to keeping the heat out, but also when it comes to keeping the heat inside the cabin. The material that these apparently thin and flimsy sheets are made from is in fact a very strong material that has outstanding insulation properties, so the screen placed on the windshield will prevent or slow down the heat exchange between the car and the environment not only when it is very hot, but also when it is very cold outside, and helps to keep your visit to the windshield replacement Northglenn shop at a minimal.

Car Sun Shades or Windshield Covers

Both types of windshield protection share some features, but each of them comes with distinct features and benefits as well. While car shades are thin sheets made from material that looks like aluminium foil and are placed inside the cabin, attached to the interior part of the windshield in the front, in the back or on both windshields. Windshield covers are made from thicker material, more similar to blankets and are placed on the exterior surface of the windshield.

While car sun shades provide protection against UV radiation and help preserve the temperature in the car cabin, windshield covers provide protection against rain, snow, hail, falling leaves, dust and sleet and they prevent the formation of ice on the windshield, too, thus protecting the windshield against impact and helping with defrosting efforts in very low temperatures.